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2006 CPBL All-Stars

Discussion in the Around Asia forum
2006 CPBL All-Stars
Here is the list of all-stars for the 2006 CPBL All-Star Game to be held in Kaosiung. Chinese names are not easy to romanize so I just left them in traditional Chinese. However, foreign player names are translated into English. (from

Team Red:林易增(Brother Elephants)
Assistant coaches:王光���復連�王宸浩

First basemen:�佳賢�蔡�安
Second basemen:馮�賢�鄧蒔陽
Third basemen:�拉斯 (Wilton Veras)�朱鴻森
Short stop:陳瑞振�鄭昌明
Designated hitters:羅���曾漢州

Team White:劉榮�(Sinon Bulls)
Assistant coaches:張文宗�陳���林振賢

Pitchers:勇 壯 (Osvaldo Martinez)�潘�倫�許文雄�何紀賢�林岳平��風���余�
First basemen:高國慶�許國隆
Second basemen:石志��黃忠義�陽森
Third basemen:張泰山�羅德里茲 (Victor A. Rodriguez)
Short stops:林智��鄭兆行
Designated hitters:潘忠韋

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