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Igawa Pitches in Relief

Discussion in the Nichi-Bei forum
Igawa Pitches in Relief
I was surprised to see Kei Igawa show up on this morning's NHK sports news show. It seems he pitched to one Blue Jay batter (giving up a hit) in relief, during a long and sloppy Yankees-Toronto game yesterday (September 22). I didn't even know that the Yankees had called him back up to the majors. Any details of that, please add, readers. Thanks.
Re: Igawa Pitches in Relief
[ Author: Guest | Posted: Sep 24, 2007 10:22 PM ]

Igawa was called up along with a few other AAA players once their season ended in AAA playoff.
Re: Igawa Pitches in Relief
[ Author: Sara B | Posted: Sep 26, 2007 11:02 PM | HT Fan ]

Kei Igawa was given a rare start last night (his first for the New York Yankees since July 26), replacing the injured Roger Clemens against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. He left the game in the fifth inning with a chance for a victory, but the Yankees eventually lost the game 7-6. Igawa's line was: five innings, two hits, no runs, five walks, two strikeouts.

Kei-san claimed he was wild because it had been so long since his previous start, in the Class AAA playoffs. But he was able to get critical outs and earned generally good reviews in the New York sports pages.

"I knew this was my last outing this season, so I definitely had fun," Igawa said through a translator. "But it would have been more fun if the team won."
Re: Igawa Pitches in Relief
[ Author: Guest: Rob | Posted: Oct 3, 2007 2:45 AM ]

With the playoffs starting, the Yankees have told Igawa that they have no plans on putting him on the roster or keeping him in reserve in case of an injury and have told him to go home. Hopefully this was simply a difficult transition year and that he will have more success next year.

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