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Home Team Cheering Section?

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Home Team Cheering Section?
Where are the cheering sections for the Tokyo Giants? I'm traveling to Tokyo and would love to see a game, and I think it would be most fun to sit in the cheering section. The ticket site has two different types of tickets, one being general and the other says "YG." The YG tickets are on the third baseline, but I read the home team cheering section is on the first baseline? Or are all sections cheering sections?
Re: Home Team Cheering Section?
[ Author: westbaystars | Posted: Apr 5, 2016 10:55 PM | YBS Fan ]

Ah, the complexity of seating naming conventions.

In general, the home town fans sit on the first base side, with the third base side being that for the visitors. If the number of fans who attended ball games were split evenly, that would work well.

However, there tend to be many more home team fans than visitor fans. So some genius came up with reserving a section of seats on the third base side for the home team fans; and the "Premium YG Seats" (A seats) and "YG Seats" (B seats) were born.

However, what you are probably referring to are the oen sections. This is where the dedicated groups of fans play instruments, sing songs, and lead the crowd in cheering. The home team oendan is in the outfield in right field, with their counterparts for the visiting team in the left field stands beyond the left field fence. At Tokyo Dome, a chunk of the left field stands are also reserved for overflow for the home team fans.

The "YG" sections are areas set aside so that Giants fans don't have to interact with the visiting fans when the first base side of the stadium is already full. The cheer leaders are all beyond the outfield fences.

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