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Japanese Who Have Played in NPB & in Taiwan

Discussion in the Ask the Commish forum
Japanese Who Have Played in NPB & in Taiwan
I'm trying to come up with a definitive list of all Japanese who have played in both NPB and Taiwan (CPBL and/or TML). I'd appreciate it if others have information to add to or edit the list below.

Andoh Shinji (2000-2002 Gida)
Ashikaga Yutaka (1999 Tigers)
Chiyomaru Shoshi (1995 Eagles)
Esaka Masaaki (2000 Agan)
Fujimoto Hiroshi (2007 Whales)
Hanekawa Ryu (1999-2000 Elephants)
Hesaka Toshiyuki (2003 Whales)
Iba Tomokazu (2007-2008 Bulls)
Ikeda Ikuo (1995 Eagles)
Imai Keigo (2003 Elephants)
Iriki Satoshi (2004 Bears)
Ishii Takehiro (2000-2002 Gida)
Ishikawa Masami (2004 Lions)
Itoh Takahide (2000 Agan)
Iyono Takateru (2009 Elephants)
Kanamori Takahiro (1998 Lions)
Katoh Hiroto (2002 Gida)
Kawashima, Ken (1995 Eagles)
Kikuchihara Tsuyoshi (1995 Eagles)
Kobayakawa Koji (1999, 2002 Agan)
Kogawa Munenao (1992 Dragons)
Kohiyama Masahito (2001-2002 Whales)
Kojima Hiromu (2000 Luka)
Kojima Keiichi (1999 Bulls)
Kurita Yusuke (2007 Bulls)
Maeda Katsuhiro (2002 Bulls)
Matsui Takamasa (1998 Lions)
Matsunaga Yukio (1997 Lions)
Muto Junichiro (2005 Elephants)
Nakagomi Shin (2002-2005, 2009 Elephants)
Nakamura Hayato (2006 Elephants)
Nakayama Hiroki (2002-2003 Whales)
Narimoto Toshihide (2005 Lions)
Narita Yukihiro (1993-1994 Bears)
Nomura Takahito (2004 Cobras)
Nonaka Tetsuhiro (1993 Bears)
Nonogaki Takeshi (2003 Gida)
Ohta Takuji (2004 Bears)
Sakai Hiroki (2002 Agan)
Sasagawa Takashi (2003 Whales)
Sato Kazuhiro (2007 Bears)
Satoh Hideki (2005 Cobras)
Shibakusa Hiroshi (2007 Bulls)
Shirasaka Katsushi (1999 Elephants)
Shoda Itsuki (2009-2010 Bulls)
Sugiyama Naoki (2002 Whales)
Suzuki Ken (1995 Eagles)
Suzuki Makoto (2007-2008 Bears)
Suzuki Toshio (1995 Dragons)
Tachibana Yoshie (1993 Bears)
Tajima Toshio (1998 Elephants)
Takahashi Satoshi (2002 Gida)
Takatsu Shingo (2010 Bulls)
Takekiyo Koji (2006 Bulls)
Takeoka Kazuhiro (2009 Bears)
Teramura (Yamazaki) Tomokazu (2005 Cobras)
Udoh Katsuya (2000 Whales)
Watanabe Hisanobu (1999-2001 Luka)
Yamahara Kazutoshi (2002 Gida)
Yano Kazuya (1993 Eagles)
Yano Masayuki (2000 Whales)
Yokota Hisanori (2003-2004 Elephants

Thanks very much.
Re: Japanese Who Have Played in NPB & in Taiwan
[ Author: Guest: Bill | Posted: Jun 11, 2012 2:07 AM ]

Addition for 2012 season:

Kamada Yuya (2012 Lions)

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