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Tomoaki "Iron Man" Kanemoto
Hanshin (and former Hiroshima) slugger Tomoaki Kanemoto overtook one-time Carp star Yoshio Kinugasa's record of 678 straight games appearing in every inning. Kanemoto now stands at #2 in the all-time standings.

When questioned by the press about his feat, Kanemoto said words to the effect of, "You can't compare me to Kinugasa; that's an affront to him. He appeared in 2,000 straight games (all innings or otherwise)."

Disclaimer: I haven't verified any of the above figures. I just copied them straight out of SanSpo.
Re: Tomoaki "Iron Man" Kanemoto
[ Author: Guest: John | Posted: Jan 3, 2005 9:36 AM ]

That's incredible. However, the record as far as I know is 3,132 by Cal Ripken.
Re: Tomoaki "Iron Man" Kanemoto
[ Author: Guest: John Brooks | Posted: Jan 3, 2005 10:56 AM ]

- However, the record as far as I know is 3,132 by Cal Ripken.

Ripken's record is at 2,632 games.
Re: Tomoaki "Iron Man" Kanemoto
[ Author: westbaystars | Posted: Jan 11, 2005 8:55 AM | YBS Fan ]

There are two records being discussed here:
  1. Consecutive games, and
  2. Consecutive games playing full innings.

This article from June has him passing Kinugasa's second place record of 678 consecutive games playing every inning of every game, not his 2,215 consecutive game feat (to which Kanemoto has a long way to go at "just" 846 games).

After this, Kanemoto went on to overtake former Hanshin Tiger Nobukazu Miyake who played every inning of 700 games before being hit in the left eye on September 6, 1962, stopping Miyake's streak.

Then end of the 2004 season saw Kanemoto's record standing at 750 (and counting) consecutive games without sitting out a single batter.

Cal Ripken does hold the world record in this category as well, playing every inning of 902 consecutive games. With good health, Kanemoto will be challenging that record in 2006.

I hope this clears up the confusion between the two records.

Re: Tomoaki "Iron Man" Kanemoto
[ Author: Guest: Marty Friedrich | Posted: May 11, 2005 11:24 PM ]

Kanemoto's batting statistics indicated he has played in every game for seasons 1999 through 2004. What date did Kanemoto's playing streak start in 1998? How many consecutive games has he played through the end of the 2004 season? Did he take over the active lead in most consecutive contests when Kazuo Matsui departed for the New York Mets?

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