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Furuta Hits Four Consecutive HRs

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Furuta Hits Four Consecutive HRs
On June 28 at Hiroshima Shimin Kyujyo, Yakult's Atsuya Furuta became the 17th player (18th time) in Pro Yakyu history to hit a home run in four consecutive at bats, the fifth to hit four home runs in a single game:

    Player            Team       Date       vs.       Result
    ----------------- ---------- ---------- --------- ------------------------------------------
    Iwamoto Yoshiyuki Shochiku 1951.08.01 Hanshin HR(1) - 6F - HR(1) - HR(2) - HR(2) - 2B(2)
    Oh Sadaharu Giants 1964.05.03 Hanshin HR(2) - HR(1) - HR(1) - HR(2)
    Tony Solaita Nippon Ham 1980.04.20 Nankai HR(3) - HR(1) - HR(3) - HBP - HR(3)
    Nigel Wilson Nippon Ham 1997.06.21 Kintetsu 1B - HR(1) - HR(1) - HR(3) - HR(1)
    Furuta Atsuya Yakult 2003.06.28 Hiroshima HR(1) - BB - HR(1) - HR(3) - HR(2)

(Numbers in parentheses denote RBIs for at bat.)

This was the first four home run game since Oh did it 39 years ago. Of the 18 times four consecutive at bats with a home run have been hit, the above four players are the only ones to do so in a single game. Furuta and four others have an "*" next to their names as they each had a walk or dead ball (HBP) sandwitched in there.

On the afternoon of the 29th at Hiroshima, Furuta had a chance to become the first player to hit home runs in five consecutive at bats. After recieving a walk to lead off the second inning, he struck out following a two run home run by Suzuki Ken. There were four home runs in the game, but none by Furuta who went 0 for 2 and walked twice. Still, Yakult won in 10 innings, which is some consolation.

[Source: Nikkan Sports]

Re: Furuta Hits Four Consecutive HRs
[ Author: torakichi | Posted: Jul 1, 2003 9:42 AM | HT Fan ]

SanSpo says that Randy Bass also hit 4 consecutive HRs spread over two games against the Taiyo Whales at Koshien stadium on May 31 and June 1, 1986.

Not sure if that fits into the above stats, but just for your information.
Re: Furuta Hits Four Consecutive HRs
[ Author: westbaystars | Posted: Jul 1, 2003 8:42 PM | YBS Fan ]

Yes, Bass is listed as the 12th player (13th time) to hit four home runs in a row. I only listed the five who did it all in the same game. It takes too long to look up the spelling of so many names. Other than Kintetsu catching Daiei to share the Pacific League lead and Nikkan Sports declaring K. Matsui to be a Giant next year, there isn't much pressing news, so I'll take the time and list the 17 player who have hit four home runs in a row.

Player Team Date1 vs. HRs Date2 vs. HRs Date3 vs. HRs
---------------- --------- ---------- --------- --- ----- --------- --- ----- ----- ---
Aota Noboru Taiyo 1956.05.06 Hiroshima 1 05.06 Hiroshima 3
Oh Sadaharu Giants 1964.05.03 Hanshin 4
Nagaike Tokuji Hankyu 1967.06.04 Toei 2 06.06 Nankai 2
Daigo Takeo Lotte 1971.07.03 Toei 3 07.04 Toei 1
* Tabuchi Koichi Hanshin 1974.04.29 Giants 3 05.10 Giants 1
Hada Koichi Kintetsu 1973.05.09 Giants 2 05.01 Taiheiyo 2
Matsuhara Makoto Taiyo 1976.06.01 Hanshin 2 06.02 Hanshin 2
Takagi Morimichi Chunichi 1977.06.12 Hanshin 1 06.12 Hanshin 1 06.14 Taiyo 2
* Kakefu Masayuki Hanshin 1978.08.31 Hiroshima 3 09.01 Yakult 1
* Tony Solaita N.Ham 1980.04.20 Nankai 4
Tony Solaita N.Ham 1980.09.04 Kintetsu 1 09.05 Seibu 3
Yazawa Kenichi Chunichi 1981.09.20 Giants 3 09.21 Giants 1
Randy Bass Hanshin 1986.05.31 Taiyo 2 06.01 Taiyo 2
* Ralph Bryant Kintetsu 1989.10.12 Seibu 3 10.12 Seibu 1
Rod Allen Hiroshima 1990.05.10 Yakult 3 05.12 Giants 1
Doug Jennings Orix 1995.08.08 Kintetsu 3 08.09 Kintetsu 1
Nigel Wilson N.Ham 1997.06.21 Kintetsu 4
* Furuta Atsuya Yakult 2003.06.28 Hiroshima 4

* denotes walk or hit by pitch within streak.

Notice that Iwamoto is missing from this list? That's because his four home runs in the game in 1951 were not in consecutive at bats. Solaita was hit by a pitch (not an at bat) and Furuta received a base on balls.

That should give this article a more complete feel.


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