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Chiba Marine Park Effects

Discussion in the Records and Milestones forum
Chiba Marine Park Effects
The park effects for Chiba Marine Stadium were asked on the "Data Requests" thread, which has a policy of having posts removed after the requests have been fulfilled. Because this data isn't otherwise available (for the time being), I've posted what I have here in the hopes that it may be useful.

The only park effects studies I'd ever seen were in the "Jim Allen's 199? Guide to Japanese Baseball" running from 1994 to 1997. The '94 Guide did not include park effects, but here's what he wrote for the following years:
Year  1B    2B    3B    HR     K    BB    FO   Manager
1994 -- +12% +53% -10% +1% +12% +34% Soroku Yagisawa
1995 -- +17% +29% -10% +2% +7% +28% Bobby Valentine
1996 -1% +16% +32% -16% +1% +6% +29% Akira Ejiri
The years are the years for the data, the data found in the following year's Guide. I really wish Allen-san had kept up with his Guides as they were very informative.

Stadium is Chiba Marine Stadium

Built: 1991
Left: 99.5m
Left-center: 116.3m
Center: 122m
Right-center: 116.3m
Right: 99.5m
Height: 4.0m all around
Conditions: Candlestick Park-like swirlling winds from the bay

I think they installed Field Turf before the 2005 season, but am not 100% sure. I am sure it's not natural grass.

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