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September 26th - Carp defeated

Discussion in the Tiger Tails forum
September 26th - Carp defeated
Not a good result if you're a true Tigers fan - it helped the Giants take the pennant. Actually the batting and a collapsing pitcher spared Tsuruoka's blushes with his incompetent calling. Carp were 3-0 up and cruising until Kuri fell apart in the sixth. He had been dominant until then. Fujinami was the same as ever. Fukudome who has been hitting well of late blasted a three run home run in the sixth to give Tigers the lead. This knocked the stuffing out of Carp who literally had nothing left to give. Even so Wada saw fit to replace Tsuruoka with Fujii who really was incompetent. Oh was horrified when he was told that Fujii would be his catcher. The calls were pathetic and one would expect Fujii to go at the end of the season. One cannot see why Wada brought him back up given his total uselessness. So a lucky ninth saw Tigers win 4-3 which as I said helped the Giants take the pennant.
It's good to see Zman back - he is a confirmed Okada fan whereas I think Okada is an average manager. However, Okada is better than any of the other old boys and I am not convinced that Kanemoto (the other main candidate) has what it takes to manage. A fine player but a bit of an old fashioned bully. Of course, I would like to see Ochiai as Tigers manager but such brilliance is too much for the half-wits who run the Tigers organisation. Picking someone with managerial ability is too much rather it is important to pick an out of his depth old boy. Okada has managerial experience and can be trusted to handle a team. That is why I am hoping to see him back. Wada has to go.

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