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August 8th-10th - Something goes right

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August 8th-10th - Something goes right
After the Swallows debacle Wada made some changes but they actually worked out. Having Tigers in Osaka Dome also helped and Tigers took an important rubber against Carp. Tsuruoka and Shimizu were used in the catching role and both showed serious problems handling the relief. Tsuruoka was to be expected but it was a bit of surprise about Shimizu. However, both managed to hold on and win their games. The first game 7-5 to Tigers with not only mishandling of the relief but some classic Tsuruoka mismanagement of Fujinami. Still a win is a win and we were treated to a rare Fukudome home run. Tigers also managed to hold off a late charge by Carp. Shimizu called to Nohmi and once again Tigers almost blew it late - Shimizu proving that he was just as poor handling the relief as Tsuruoka. Tigers held on to take the game 5-4 which was close. The final game of the series saw Tigers lose. With such an important game you would have thought that Wada would have used one of his experienced pitchers but he used it to give Iwasada his first ever ichi gun start. Pairing him with Tsuruoka was of course a disaster and Carp took the game 7-3. Wada needs to continue to focus on Umeno as his catcher rather than the hasbeens he likes. Still Tigers have an important two victories and the chance to build some momentum.
Re: August 8th-10th - Something goes right
[ Author: Guest: GG | Posted: Aug 13, 2014 12:45 AM ]

after messenger's recent history, tonight's game (8/12) seals it.
i see messenger as wada's new go-to pinch hitter. dude makes it happen. after mesenger hits for two bases, murton and gomez will be on bunt duty. then we can call in everyone and anyone to PH at random times. worked tonight, why wouldnt it work every other?

thanks for your game summaries. either i now know wtf i am whining about or you have indoctrinated me (i am admittedly new to really folowing baseball, it truthfully could be either one)

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