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Batting failure - July 29th-31st

Discussion in the Tiger Tails forum
Batting failure - July 29th-31st
The green Tigers were not a success and the only way to describe this series against the worst team in the Central League is as an abject failure. Tigers have previously struggled against Yagi and it was to be expected that they might do so again but one feels that as no one else does so they shouldn't. Poor batting handed Swallows a 4-0 shutout victory. We also saw Tateyama this game and the final game of the rubber. He was dismal - the very model of a washed out past it ex-MLB pitcher. Why do Tigers sign these guys?
In the second game Tigers once again surrendered an early lead but bounced back to take a lead. Swallows did whittle it down to 5-4 but Oh closed them out. What was depressing was Swallows walking Uemoto to get at Imanari (though the latter did redeem himself later in the game). Tigers starter was Futagami who was poor and once again one wonders what Tigers coaches actually do to prepare their new pitchers? Answers on a postage stamp please.
After this victory one would have expected Tigers to take the series but they were even more abysmal against a real non entity of a pitcher. Nohmi was poor and it is clear that the poor guy need rest and lots of it. Against a really poor pitcher Tigers batters couldn't be bothered and neither could the relief pitching. Swallows won this one 8-1 which they were very pleased about. As for Tigers if they want to be contenders they do need to play better in every respect. Certainly Wada's stupid batting lineups don't help but this time the batting failed miserably and failed to put in the required effort against a weak team.
Re: Batting failure - July 29th-31st
[ Author: Guest: T-Ray | Posted: Aug 1, 2014 9:05 AM ]

I was at last night's game - what a terrible effort by the Tigers. Four singles, a walk, and an error gave them a grand total of six base runners, three of whom were subsequently thrown out on double plays. (Two of those were hit into by Toritani, the other by Murton, on a play that scored Toritani - who only reached base because of two errors by the Swallows SS.)

Nohmi threw three good innings out of seven yesterday... he got slapped around BAD in the first two innings in particular. He must be tired or something, like you said.

And ya, what are they doing trotting out Futagami in a game that they need to win? Were it not for Saiuchi bailing him out of the fourth, the Tigers would have been swept.

Terrible, terrible series.
Re: Batting failure - July 29th-31st
[ Author: Christopher | Posted: Aug 1, 2014 1:42 PM | HAN Fan ]

I wouldn't mind seeing Futagami who has talent if he had been properly prepped. This isn't happening with the younger pitchers and the current regime is so inept it takes ones breath away. Tigers persevered and worked with Nohmi who became a fine starter but then they pick incompetent managers who don't know how to use their pitching. The coaches like 'owd Kubo' and the current baboon Nakanishi are also clueless and Tigers have started to run out of talent. Two young starters who had considerable talent, Akiyama and Iwamoto have practically disappeared and one young relief Matsuda. Tigers inept management also let Standridge go and Boyer was not asked back because he challenged the dogma of too much pitching.
Re: Batting failure - July 29th-31st
[ Author: Guest: T-Ray | Posted: Aug 1, 2014 7:51 PM ]

You know your stuff! I have actually only been a fan of the team from this season, so I don't know anything. Nothing of coaches, managers, wasted prospects, etc. It's good to read your stuff because you seem to have decent background knowledge.

By the way, I wrote a little wrap-up of last night's game. Not the best game to write a summary about (there really was nothing going on at all), but if you want something to read, here it is:

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