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Getting closer

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Getting closer
Just when I thought it was possible to go back to full game reviews I hit a busy period and have to stick with summaries for a bit longer. This series was a very good series to win and saw some excellent performances with - of course - the usual Wada caveat. The first game of the series, won 3-0 against Mr Smug (Sawamura) was notable for Iwata's excellent pitching over eight innings. Not only did he keep Giants off the board but he only took 103 pitches over his eight innings. Of course one must also mention the superb work of Umeno behind the plate who also drove in two of the runs (the other coming from a wild pitch from a tiring Sawamura and a bit of poor catching by Abe). Oh closed out the game picking up his 300th save (both Korea and Japan) and received a bouquet after the game.
In the second game Giants took an early lead against Messenger who kept things tight after that though. Tigers came from behind to take the lead 2-1 courtesy of a Ryota Arai pinch hit double but Oh couldn't hold the lead in the Giants ninth and the Giants tied the score. The game went into extra innings with Tigers pulling off a last gasp win in the 12th. Fukudome was the hero hitting a solo sayonara home run to win the game 3-2. The victory went to Kaneda who had thrown just one pitch.
The final game of the rubber was also tight and here we had the Wada stupidity. This time it was Tigers who took an early lead but Giants pulled them back to level terms in the third 2-2. Nohmi was pitching well though and things were all square into the ninth. Here Hara switched his pitcher but Wada decided to keep Nohmi in for the ninth - he had thrown 98 pitches at this stage and in Wada's book this means he can do another innings. Never mind if the pitcher is tired or the principle of switching to your closer to increase the chances of victory. Nohmi doesn't have the stamina anymore and was abysmal giving up the vital run and a slender lead to the Giants 3-2. Giants held onto this lead and won the game. Wada and his team really do need to pay attention to the actual condition of the pitcher not insist on innings after innings pushing their starters too deep. Tigers winning streak finished at four games and they are now closer to the Giants though. Let's hope that the arms hold out for the rest of the season.
Re: Getting closer
[ Author: Guest: GG | Posted: Jul 24, 2014 4:25 PM ]

it was infuriating to watch last night. the camera shots of a stoic wada with his idiotic stubbornness on full display as he watched Nomi collapse and then allowed him to flounder, throwing pitch after pitch into the dirt until the giants could jog in the tie-breaking run on a wild one umeno couldnt get a hold of. a stark contrast to the night before and the rest of the month. anyway, 13-3 for the month so far. cant complain about that.

the second giants game of the series, was there any logic behind running through so many pitchers? and calling just about *everyone* up as a pinch hitter through the extra innings? i thought all that was pretty weird, but it was a hell of a game. gotta give wada a little credit, he made some good replacements (albeit obvious ones IMO) in the 5th and siezed the opportunity messenger gave him at bat.

also hilarious to see messenger run past second to third, the guy is too big to move fast enough for that. could have been an easy out, but i am convinced the third baseman was worried that messenger at full speed would have bulldozed him, so he wasnt paying attention to the ball and missed the catch. the baseman was moving backwards away from messenger as the ball arrived to where his glove had been.
Re: Getting closer
[ Author: Guest: T-Ray | Posted: Jul 24, 2014 10:20 PM ]

Ya, that last game was hard to watch, especially at the end. Nohmi looked terrible! Your analysis was succinct and well said. Mine was a little more verbose. If you have a few minutes, check it out:


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