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For the moment

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For the moment
A quick switch back to rubber summaries for a couple of weeks and I have to figure out using a French keyboard. Tigers swept the abject BayStars taking their winning streak to five games. Good going despite the idiot in charge. Nice work from the ever improving Umeno and no sign of the useless Fujii. We saw Messenger throw 142 pitches in the first game over seven innings. 142 pitches - it really is poor management for this to happen. Tigers ran out 3-2 winners. The second game of the rubber was a shutout with Iwazaki pitching seven innings. Once again a very high pitch count 131 pitches. Wada really does need to start bringing in the relief sooner instead of his stubborn rubbish of seven innings. Score was 3-0 with the runs coming from Gomez and a rare contribution from Imanari. The third game saw Tigers almost blow it. In the first game of the series Wada had brought Tsuruoka on to replace Umeno after the seventh. This time he did so after the fifth. He wants to go back to using an 'experienced' catcher. Tigers by the bottom of the eighth had built up a good 7-1 lead. Under the direction of Tsuruoka (ex-BayStars) they almost lost it. BayStars scored 5 runs in that innings taking the score to 6-7. Tigers batting responded well in their ninth and also added 5 runs making the final score 12-6. The shattered BayStars had no mental strength left to come back but Wada's stupid changes had almost finished the winning streak. The next rubber is more of a challenge - Carp.
Re: For the moment
[ Author: Guest: GG | Posted: Jul 8, 2014 8:33 AM ]

i was watching the game on yahoo sportsnavi and was wondering what had gone so horribly wrong in the firth inning.
nice to get a sweep though (first of the season as far as i can recall). lots of people are saying 'yeah but it was against last place baystars', but i dont see a lot of difference between the teams at third place and below.
nice to see umeno catching more often, it would also be nice to see arai ryota back in the lineup at some point.

does anyone here have any experience with toratele? is it a good enough product to be worth paying for to see those untelevised (i dont need satellite for anything but this) games?

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