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Climax of Nothing

Discussion in the NPB News forum
Climax of Nothing
Jim Allen complains in his weekly Hot Corner over at the Daily Yomiuri this week that "Stupidity comes to a Climax." He is referring to the new Climax Series this fall, with the Central League finally jumping on the band wagon for playoffs. He even gives figures as to why.

His complaint, though, isn't the name itself. It's that the champion of the regular season remains the league champion after the playoffs. In his words:
So, in order to respect the regular season, both league titles will now go to the winner of the pennant races. But if the league championship is not at stake in the playoffs, what are they for? The plan is to use the playoffs as qualifiers for the Japan Series. This way, the regular season remains sacred, but the Japan Series is no longer reserved for champions.

For the first time ever, teams playing in the Series could be the champions of nothing, and that will take a little getting used to. And the playoffs--now known as each league's Climax Series--are no longer climaxes of anything.
I agree with Jim's conclusion that "the fans will eat it up and ask for more" if the Climax Series is developed and packaged well.
Re: Climax of Nothing
[ Author: Christopher | Posted: Mar 2, 2007 1:40 PM | HAN Fan ]

I would disagree with Jim on this. Why have 140 games to decided who gets the home advantage? This is the other option and any application of logic will tell you that it's an absurdity. There is nothing inherently absurd in inviting the three top teams in each league to play off for a separate trophy. Most sports have a league and cup structure. However, awarding the pennant to the second place team or a team which ended with a below .500 win average (which several 3rd place teams have done) is an absurdity.
Re: Climax of Nothing
[ Author: Guest: Jim Allen | Posted: Mar 3, 2007 10:01 AM ]

Well, actually, the complaint was mostly to do with the name. I agree with you about other sports leagues, which hand out a variety of trophies during a season - one for the league winner and one or two for different tournaments.

Japanese baseball will now be in this category, and that will require a slight adjustment of attitude, but people are flexible.

It's just the name of the playoffs that is anti-climactic. They are the quarter-finals and semi-finals. The Japan Series is now the climax.
Re: Climax of Nothing
[ Author: Christopher | Posted: Mar 3, 2007 6:07 PM | HAN Fan ]

My apologies Jim - I misunderstood.
Re: Climax of Nothing
[ Author: torakichi | Posted: Mar 3, 2007 9:23 PM | HT Fan ]

- Well, actually, the complaint was mostly to do with the name.

Hey, at least it's better than "Hit! Foot! Get!"
Re: Climax of Nothing
[ Author: Something Lions | Posted: Mar 12, 2007 2:45 PM | SL Fan ]

Actually, I like sports that have multiple competitions during a season, like soccer and other European sports. It's going to take a little adjustment for the fans to get used to this, but they should be more capable of adapting than American fans because soccer and other sports are more prominent here, where as in the States it's always an all or nothing affair with the playoffs.
Re: Climax of Nothing
[ Author: mijow | Posted: Mar 12, 2007 4:27 PM | HT Fan ]

- Actually, I like sports that have multiple competitions during a season, like soccer and other European sports.

Yes, but this is nothing like the situation with soccer. There won't be multiple competitions - it's the same one. It's more like the "minor premiership" awarded to the winner of the regular season in some Australian football codes. That used to mean something, before they introduced playoffs. But now the label is virtually meaningless. At best, the minor premiership gives the team pole position and therefore an advantage in the playoffs, but that's about it.

Basically, this new system in NPB is ridiculous. It's illogical, and will dilute the importance of the Nippon Series, which should be the ultimate prize.

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